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Cool Bike Baskets

Upgrade your ride with style & purpose

Redefining the bike basket

We’ve designed a new bike basket that will change the way you think about baskets!  After years of looking for something different than the boring wire and wicker baskets, we decided to make our own. And this is it! 

Two Bikes in Venice

Clear Front Pocket

Use if for your phone and see who’s calling at a quick glance

Mesh Side Pocket

Perfect for small items like keys, wallets, etc. 

Solid Side Pocket

Ideal for change, sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

Functional, stylish, customizable

Part basket and part frame bag, it’s the ultimate in functionality, style, and customization. It’s made of durable fabric like a backpack and has several interior pockets for your phone, keys, and other small items.

Interior pockets to hold your stuff

We’ve even added a cupholder that cinches down, so you can carry your drink safely and securely wherever life takes you. And the quick-release design makes it easy to remove for shopping.

Mesh Cup Holder

Fits even tall reusable bottles, and cups.

Carry Handle

Take it wherever you go!

Carry Handle

Take it wherever you go!

Safer by Design

Unlike traditional handlebar baskets that can throw your balance off when you’re riding, Chonus attaches directly to your frame’s headtube to provide more stability when you’re carrying a load up front. 

No more worrying about losing your balance or tipping over when you’re parked on the sidewalk.

Personalize & customize it

And if you want to stand apart from the crowd, you can customize it with iron-on patches and pins to reflect who you are or what you do. Or grab some markers or paint and personalize it any way you like. It’s your canvas! 

If traditional wicker or wire baskets aren’t your thing, get yourself a Chonus basket.