About - Chonus USA

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Born on a beach

Why we created the Chonus bag

There's just something about bikes

They kind of make you feel like a kid again, don’t they? For us, riding around town elicits a positive mood change. And while we still love mountain and road biking here in Colorado, we seem to be spending more time on our ebikes and cruisers running errands or just riding around town.

Cyclist with Backpack

But there was a problem

The more we rode, the more we wanted to carry more stuff around. Our old backpack did the trick for years until we got tired of a sweaty back… every… time… we… rode. Not cool… So we looked around for other options. 

And no appealing solution

Do we go with a front basket or maybe a rear rack over the back tire? Both would get the weight off our backs, but we didn’t like any of the options we found at the time. So we stuck, reluctantly, with our backpacks.

We didn't like anything we saw

While chilling on Hermosa Beach one day, watching the cruisers ride up and down, we wondered why all the baskets were so dull. There were rusty wire baskets, wicker baskets, and even the odd milk crate strapped to a rear rack. NOTHING SEEMED VERY APPEALING.

So we created something new!

When almost everything these days is designed to say something about who we are, why can’t we do the same for bikes?


That’s when we decided to create something new. Something that would not only be as functional as a traditional basket but would actually look great on our bikes. That was the start of Chonus.


What We Believe.

Great bag/basket for my beach cruiser bike. Doesn't tip my bike over when full, love the canvas design and the durability of the bag. Love it!