Born on a beach

Why we created the Chonus bag

There's just something about bikes.

They make you feel like a kid again, don’t they?  I still get a positive mood change every time I ride. And while I still love my mountain and road bikes, I spend much more time on my beach cruiser running errands or just riding around town.

Cyclist with Backpack

But there was a problem.

The more I rode, the more I wanted to carry more stuff around. My old backpack did the trick for years until I got tired of a sweaty back… every… time… I… rode. Not cool… So I looked around for other options. 

Do I go with a front basket or maybe a rear rack over the back tire? Both would get the weight off my back, but I didn’t like any of the options I found at the time. So I stuck, reluctantly, with my backpack.

We didn't like anything we saw.

While chilling on Hermosa Beach one day, watching the cruisers ride up and down, I  wondered why all the baskets were so dull. There were metal wire, girlie wicker, and even the odd milk crate strapped to a rear rack.

So we created something new!

That’s when I decided to create something new. Something that would not only be as functional as a traditional basket but would actually look great on my bike. That was the start of Chonus.


What We Believe.

Bikes are transformative.

We believe in the transformative power of bicycling and aim to be strong advocates for the cycling community.  To that end, we are dedicated to promoting cycling as a clean, efficient, and primary transportation method for everyone.

We recognize that cycling can foster a stronger sense of community and can be a catalyst for improving public health, environmental sustainability, and even reduce traffic congestion.