Before you buy

Making sure Chonus will fit your bike

There are three things to look at when deciding whether the Chonus Bag will fit your bike.

Measurement 1 – The first thing you must do is make sure you have the right type of handlebars.


Measurement 2 – After ensuring you have the right handlebars, you need to make sure your bike’s headtube isn’t too big. 


Measurement 3 – Lastly, you need to make sure the front of your bike’s frame can accommodate the clamp that holds the Chonus Bag to your bike.


Measurement 1: Make sure you have the right type of handlebars.

The Chonus Bag was designed for beach cruisers and comfort bikes that have “swept-back handlebars that won’t interfere with the bag when the handlebars are turned sideways.

Remember, the Chonus Bag attaches to your bike’s frame at the headtube, so it won’t turn when you turn the handlebars. The reason we designed it this way is because traditional baskets that hang from a bike’s handlebars have a tendency to pull the bike and rider off balance, which can lead to a crash and possible injury.  

If you have a mountain bike with a flat-style handlebar, the Chonus Bag won’t work for you since the brake levers on the handlebars will prevent you from turning the handlebars from side to side.


If you have a bike with handlebars that curve downward like a Tour de France bike, forget about it. Chonus will not fit your bike. 

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So the best way to make sure that the Chonus Bag will fit your bike is to have a swept-back (“laidback”) handlebar design and not a flat-style or drop-down handlebars. 

If you aren’t sure whether Chonus will fit your bike, turn the handlebars and measure the distance between your it and the top of your front tire (if you have brake levers, you’ll want to measure the distance from the bottom of either brake lever to the top of the front tire. To provide enough room, you should be able to measure at least 12 inches between the bottom of your brake lever (or handlebar) and the top of your front tire. If you have 12″, you should be good. (see image below)

Measurement 2: Measure the Circumference of Your Bike’s Headtube


We tried to design the Chonus Bag to fit most headtubes, but some bike manufacturers thought it was a good idea to create some really big headtubes. 


The best way to determine this is to measure the diameter of your headtube. You can do this with the following steps: 

  1. If you have a soft, flexible tape measure, use that. 

  2. If you don’t have a soft, flexible tape measure, wrap a charging cable or a strap or around the headtube. 

  3. Mark the point on the tape measure, cable, or strap where the length goes all the way around the headtube. 


    1. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure that distance, which is equivalent to the headtube circumference.

    2. This length should be less than 6 inches.

If your headtube is less than 6 inches, the Chonus Bag should fit just fine.

Measurement 3: Make Sure Your Bike’s Frame Accommodates the Clamp


The patented Chonus design includes a clamping mechanism that attaches the Bag to the headtube of your bike’s frame. The headtube is what connects the handlebars to the forks that hold your front tire in place. 


Most bike frames will work just fine, but some don’t allow enough space to accommodate the Chonus clamping design. Looking at the image below, you’ll need one of the following conditions to be true for Chonus to fit your bike’s frame. If you can say “yes” to either of these options, you should be good to go!

  1. At least 1 finger-width distance between the top of the headtube and the top of the frame’s toptube (image 1).

  2. At least one (1) finger-width distance between the frame’s toptube and bottom tube (image 2).